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May 2nd, 1277

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Murder Charge Stuffed!

May 2nd, 1277

The Lower Court of Gothia Central was witness to the acquittal of well known antiquities Auctioneer Ms Patricia Sledgewick today on charges brought before the court in relation to an alleged case of ‘forced taxidermy’. Mr. Queig Queig Razzatazz-Ong of the Island of Pig-Ox tribe brought the charges against Sledgewicks claiming that his wife was stolen, killed then stuffed for the famous Auction House. Allegedly put on display at last month’s marvelous taxidermy display as the Virgin of the Pig-Ox Tribe, the exhibit was reportedly sold to an anonymous bidder for close to four thousand Gothian Goldigs.

Apart from the sale of Mrs. Quig Quig Razzatazz, other taxidermy sales in the collection were “slow”, said Morton Fliver, Junior Auctioneer at Sledgewicks.

Horizontalist Lie Down for Cause

May 1st, 1277

A Horizonalists demonstration has ended in tragedy when protestors strapped themselves to the wheels of a service cable trolley. All fifteen protestors were maimed in the incident. It was clear to the horrified on-lookers that the devout group were undoubtedly aware of the predicament and knowingly had their limbs severed in an act of defiance against the “constant timetable changes in all aerial conveyances”. The Horizonalist’s extreme desire for more reliable Cable Trolley Timetables has been taken under consideration by the Aerial Board.

Love Dies in Air

April 30th, 1277

A young couple, seen kissing indiscreetly in the Gothic airways, have unfortunately been killed when their aero-locopedes struck an aero-lorry of Gasparilla, the Aeronaut’s favourite drink.

Squabbling for Votes

April 27th, 1277

An altercation broke out at the rally for the Rights of Women, held today in the Outer Gothia Levels. Some sleeves were torn and a petticoat was ripped in an inopportune use of an iron umbrella. In its fiftieth year of agitating for Women’s Right to Vote, a loosely aligned coalition of Women’s groups including The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, The Gothia Etiquette Association and The Cloud Preservation Society demonstrated peacefully until a melee broke out involving noted Rights of Men campaigner Professor Ernest Cudgel, of the Lower Gothia Orphanage for Young Bastards.

Three workers of Lower Gothia were also killed by falling Society & Association placards.